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Geological engineering surveys

Geological engineering surveys is a set of activities to develop a geological model, which includes structural and spatial solutions, selection of foundation types, assessment of hazardous geological processes, collection of input data for engineering and environmental protection measures.

SHANECO has a special permit to conduct geological engineering surveys.

The purpose of the geological surveys is to substantiate the optimal construction option and understand how proposed facilities may interact with the geological environment. The main activities here are to carry out a geological engineering examination of the area / site / corridor to select a construction option, and to characterise potential geological processes and phenomena.

  • Specific activities include:
  • Collection and review of file and library materials;
  • Development of a programme of surveys;
  • Field works (well drilling, geophysical investigations, soil testing, hydrogeological investigations etc.);
  • Laboratory investigations (physical and mechanical tests conducted by certified partner laboratories);
  • Development of reporting documents;
  • Participation in expert reviews of survey materials.
Selected projects where SHANECO was engaged for geological engineering surveys:
Project Year:
Reclamation of a land plot adjacent to the western boundary of the plant, Blagoveschenk Valve Plant 2015
Oil mud neutralisation site, Moscow Oil Refinery 2015