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    ITPI LLC, based on the results of cooperation within the framework of the project "Performing engineering surveys and developing a project for recultivation of the contaminated territory of FSUE "PO "KHK "YENISEI"" and Contract No. 1026 dated October 28, 2022, sends feedback on the work performed:
    The Analytical Center of JSC "SHANECO Group" for the first time provided services for laboratory testing of soil and soil samples for LLC "ITPI".
    The work was carried out in an extremely short time, the employees of the AC of JSC "SHANECO Group" proved themselves as competent and responsible specialists, fulfilling their obligations on time and at the appropriate level of quality.
    The samples were tested at a high technical level using modern equipment and technologies in accordance with the  methods.
    Issues arising in the course of work were resolved promptly, comments were immediately eliminated.
    LLC "ITPI" thanks the Analytical Center of JSC "SHANECO Group" for cooperation and recommends to perform similar work.

    General Director M.V. Gagarin

  • Amur Geological Exploration Enterprise, LLC

    Amur Geological Exploration Enterprise, LLC

    In accordance with the terms of the Agreement No. AGRP-9-22 dated 09/19/2022, SHANECO Group JSC dated technogenic formations on the license area of BLG 03380 BE (Amur Region, Tynda district).
    As part of the work under the contract, a set of studies was carried out.
    LLC Amur Geological Exploration Enterprise recommends SHANECO Group JSC as a reliable contractor with all the capabilities to perform similar work.

    General Director   M.G. Shmonov

  • Vyksa Metallurgical Plant, JSC

    Vyksa Metallurgical Plant, JSC

    SHANECO Group JSC  is a long-standing partner of our company, has repeatedly performed work on environmental support for the reconstruction of the existing plant and the construction of new production facilities.
    The prompt inclusion of your company in these projects made it possible to minimize the risks of expert opinions, to ensure the implementation of the design schedule.
    JSC "Vyksa Metallurgical Plant" thanks your team for the high-quality and timely performance of these services and recommends SHANECO Group JSC as a performer of similar works.

    Director of Production Safety V.I. Ageev



    EVRAZ has been cooperating with SHANECO Group  JSC for several years in the framework of various works in the field of environmental protection: the development of an EIA, public discussions, support of the state environmental expertise, the development of the SPZ project and its approval, the audit of the water supply and sanitation system of the enterprise, etc.
    We would like to express our gratitude to the entire SHANEСO team for their efficiency, clarity, quality, professionalism, absolute reliability and willingness to help almost 24/7. Despite the fact that our projects were far from the only ones you have, we have never heard that you are tired, overloaded and you are not up to us right now. Thank you for such a high customer focus! This is the incredible work of each team member and the business culture formed in the company!

    Director of the Directorate for the Coordination of Environmental Activities EVRAZ M.A. Epifantsev