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BIM technologies

In 2016, SHANECO switched its design platform to BIM (Building Information Modelling) technologies capable for creating 3D models of future buildings and structures including a full description of general and specific parameters and spatial positioning of the facility.

Apart from the obvious design benefits, the BIM approach also creates advantages for the construction and operation phases, when the information model can be effectively used by different customers.

In construction, the modelling allows for a timely identification of potentially erection-difficult parts so that construction contractors could be noticed accordingly, while the visualisation component helps builders to make necessary calculations and plan their work before any physical activity. Visualisation also helps identify and prevent collisions, improve resource efficiency and labour productivity.

For instance, in monthly planning, the allocated scope with all specifications and delivery lists can be forwarded as a file to the production and technical department for ordering of materials, equipment and labour.

In addition, BIM is a reliable tool to monitor and manage project deadlines. By matching the model against the construction schedule, the customer will be able to supervise construction progress and see if actual performance is on schedule.