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Hydrometeorological engineering surveys

SHANECO has the necessary permits to conduct hydrometeorological surveys.

The surveys provide for a comprehensive investigation of hydrometeorological conditions of the construction area / site / corridor and a forecast of potential changes through interaction of the proposed facility with the identified conditions for the purposes of obtaining sufficient materials enabling justified design solutions.

Activities include:

  • Collection, review and consolidation of hydrometeorological and cartographic materials;
  • Development of a programme of surveys;
  • Field works (characterisation and partial investigation of hydrological regime and climate; analysis of hazardous hydrometeorological processes and events etc.);
  • Development of reporting documents;
  • Participation in expert reviews of survey materials.

Selected projects where SHANECO was engaged for hydrometeorological engineering surveys:

Project: Year:
Tailings dam, Vetrensky mine 2015