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SHANECO Analytical Centre

SHANECO Analytical Centre was established in 1995 for environmental monitoring purposes. Its activities include:

  • Quantitative chemical analysis of potable water, natural water, wastewater, storm water, soil, production and consumption waste, bottom sediments, sludge, and mud;
  • Measurements of noise, infrasound, vibration, and electromagnetic fields at workplaces and residential areas.

Since its creation, the centre has been adapting to the evolution of the regulatory framework by enhancing its capabilities. In particular, a radiation control function was opened in Krasnoyarsk, and the analytical suite was expanded considerably.

Today, the Analytical Centre is a specialised analytical unit designed to control the quality of environmental components. Its performance stems from a deeply rooted adherence to quality, advanced techniques, and operating practices. In 2015, the centre received its GOST ISO / IEC 17025-2009 certification, and in 2016 passed a competence verification audit by the Russian Federal Accreditation Service.

The Analytical Centre performs the following activities:

  • Sampling and analysis of potable, natural and waste water, soil, production and consumption waste, bottom sediments, sludge, and mud;
  • Quantitative chemical analysis for pollutants (heavy metals, petroleum products, organics etc.) in natural, potable and waste water. In some cases, this is done when evaluating effectiveness of wastewater treatment facilities or new processes introduced to reduce or discontinue contamination of wastewater;
  • Quantitative chemical analysis of for pollutants (heavy metals, petroleum products, organics etc.) in soils. In some cases, this is done when evaluating environmental performance of production facilities, conducting environmental monitoring of industrial and public areas, and evaluating effectiveness of soil clean-up processes;
  • Noise measurements;
  • Measurements of infrasound, vibration, and electromagnetic fields at industrial, public and residential areas.
  • Radiological investigations (gamma radiation survey, spectrometric investigations, radon flux density measurements).
A detailed list of analysed facilities and parameters, as well as types of investigations and permits, are specified in the appendix to the accreditation certificate of the Analytical Centre.

The Analytical Centre can be engaged together with our Survey and Design Centres to develop and implement an environmental monitoring programme.

Rates for analysing individual samples are presented in the centre’s price list, while the price for a packaged service will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.