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Special parts of design documentation

Definition of the term “special parts of design documentation” is somewhat vague as the Regulations on the contents and format of design documentation (Decree No 87 of the Russian Government dated 16/02/2008) do not distinguish any “special parts of design documentation” and do not provide any specific information about them. However, in reality this is something that initiators of economic activities face constantly because the presence of the “special parts” only becomes obvious during the expert review stage. With us, the customer is informed in advance which special parts of design documentation should be developed.

The “special parts” represent a series of regulatory substantiations containing text and graphics (maps, diagrams, tables). The substantiations describe compatibility and consistency of architectural, structural, technical and functional solutions ensuring safety of a proposed facility (building or territory).

The procedure for and contents of the special parts of design documentation are in part described and regulated by Decree No 87 “On the contents and format of parts of design documentation” of the Russian Government dated 16/02/2008 (including as presented in Decrees No 1044 dated 21/12/2009 and No 235 dated 13/04/2010, which introduced certain amendments to the original document).

The special parts of design documentation include:
  • Technical engineering measures related to civil defence
  • Technical engineering measures related to prevention of natural and technogenic emergency
  • Development of an industrial safety declaration for hazardous production facilities;
  • Development of a safety declaration for hydraulic structures;
  • Substantiation of radiological and nuclear safety.

Where necessary, SHANECO can subcontract appropriate specialised organisations from among our long-term partners.