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Development of architectural solutions

SHANECO’s team has a considerable experience in developing architectural solutions for construction, reconstruction, major repairs or modernisation of civil and industrial facilities of any complexity.

Our services include:
  • Comprehensive survey of buildings and structures;
  • Schematic design of civil facilities;
  • Key technical solutions for industrial facilities at the feasibility stage;
  • Architectural, spatial and structural solutions for civil facilities including residential and public buildings and structures;
  • Architectural, spatial and structural solutions for production facilities representing any industry;
  • Detailed design documentation of different categories (architectural solutions, interiors, reinforced concrete structures, steel structures, wooden structures) for industrial and civil facilities;
  • Calculation and design of earthworks;
  • Audit of structural solutions.

SHANECO extensively uses BIM technologies for architectural and construction design.

Structural analysis is modelled in licenced software (SCAD Soft, StarkES, NormCAD).

Below is the list of reference projects where SHANECO developed architectural, spatial and structural solutions:
Project: Year:
Construction of a second waste disposal section as part of reconstruction of an industrial and domestic waste landfill, Vyksunsky Metallurgical Plant 2013-2015
Reconstruction of the plant (construction of a clay preparation area), TulaCement 2015 — until now
Mill feeding area at a cement plant (5000 tonnes of clinker per day), Leningrad region 2014-2015
Construction of an administrative and production building, Moscow Helicopter Plant 2013-2014
Experimental underground development of the Verkhne Menkeche deposit as part of additional exploration 2014
Two treatment buildings and a foot unit, Kaschenko Psychiatric Hospital No 1, Leningrad region 2014-2015
Secondary School 721, St. Petersburg 2014
Construction and reconstruction of energy supply systems (2nd start-up complex), Iturup island, Kuril Islands; reconstruction of a diesel power plant in Kitovy 2014
Reconstruction of the Sobolevo airport, Kamchatka Krai 2014
Construction of a mining and concentration plant at the Ametistovoye deposit 2013-2015
St. Petersburg Clinical Oncological Centre 2014-2015
Construction of a flight-test base of Rostvertol, Rostov-on-Don 2015-2016
Construction of a cement mill and a multi-cell cement silo, reconstruction of a railway track, Stroitelnye Materialy, Bashkortostan 2014