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Today, on the 14th of May, we celebrate the 25th  anniversary of SHANECO!!!
Congratulations to all  our employees with a great holiday, I wish you good health and realization of creative plans and ideas.
For a quarter of a century we have been doing what we love, creating, arguing, learning from our own mistakes and absorbing the experience of people with whom we work on the same team every day.
These were long and very fast years. Long, because we have successfully completed more than 2,500 contracts, because the geography of our projects is almost all the regions of Russia. Fast, because it was creative, because we work with pleasure and when doing your job with joy, time flies.
We are proud that our work is needful not only to customers, but also to people living in the cities and villages of our great Motherland, and we hope it needful to the country too.

Congratulations dear SHANECO!!!

Yours, DG