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  • ID Engineers, LLC

    ID Engineers, LLC

    Within the framework of the agreement No. 0845 dated 16.08.2019, SHANECO Group JSC in 2019-2021 performed a set of works on engineering surveys and environmental support for the preparation of project documentation for the reconstruction of the mine "Mnogovershinny" (Khabarovsk Territory, Nykolaiv district, Mnogovershinny), including:
    - environmental impact assessment studies, including public discussions of the planned activities;
    - carrying out engineering and hydrometeorological (including works on microclimatic modeling and assessment of hazardous hydrometeorological processes) and engineering and environmental surveys;
    - technical participation in the State examination of the results of engineering surveys.
    The surveys were carried out at the sites of the operating mining enterprise, which formed special requirements for the organization of work and ensuring the requirements
    of industrial safety and labor protection.
    According to the results of the review of the materials of engineering-hydrometeorological and
    engineering-environmental surveys of the FAA "Glavgosexpertiza of Russia", a positive conclusion was obtained.
    LLC "ID Engineers" thanks SHANECO Group JSC for cooperation and organization of work.

    General Director E.I. Kolesnikov

  • Chernogorskaya GRK, LLC

    Chernogorskaya GRK, LLC

    Within the framework of the agreement No. 0935 dated 12.05.2021 SHANECO Group JSC and the Institute of Geochemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences named after V.I. Vernadsky, a geochemical forecast of quarry and basement waters was made to substantiate the design solutions of the Chernogorsky GOK, which included:
    - preparation of a permanent computer model of chemical interactions in the "water-rocks" system of the Chernogorsky deposit;
    - assessment of the extraction of normalized chemical elements from the main types of rocks of the Chernogorsky deposit during the formation of sub-basement and quarry runoff.
    The work was carried out in full compliance with the Terms of Reference. At the stage of acceptance of the simulation results, SHANECO specialists interpreted the data obtained, ensuring the preparation of the technological scheme for the treatment of the corresponding effluents.

    Deputy General Director for Engineering and Project Management    S.L. Sergienko

  • Uralgipromez, JSC

    Uralgipromez, JSC

    JSC "Uralgipromez" carries out the design of the production complex V205 of LLC "EVRAZ Uzlovaya", located in the Tula region, Uzlovsky district, SEZ "Uzlovaya".
    SHANECO Group was involved in the role of a developer of materials for environmental impact assessment and the project of a sanitary protection zone.
    According to the results of the state environmental assessment and the main state examination of the project documentation carried out taking into account the results of the EIA and the SPZ project, positive conclusions were obtained.
    We express our gratitude for the work done. Our company highly appreciate the professionalism of your employees, their level of competence and interest in the successful implementation of the project.

    General Director S. Yu/ Kulakov

  • OMK, JSC

    OMK, JSC

    With this letter, OMK JSC expresses its gratitude to SHANECO Group JSC for the high-quality work performed on the examination and assessment of environmental risks associated with the wastewater of the OMK enterprise.
    During the performance of contractual obligations, SHANECO Group JSC has proved itself as a responsible professional team, employees have demonstrated a high level of competence and efficiency in solving tasks defined by the terms of reference. The reporting materials are provided within the contractual terms and meet the requirements of the terms of reference.
    JSC " OMK "thanks for the cooperation and recommends SHANECO Group JSC as a reliable partner in the performance of similar work.

    Director for Investments and New Projects        D. A. Filichev